8 Surprising Benefits of Living at the Lake

8 Surprising Benefits of Living at the Lake

May 20, 2021
Get healthier and live happier - no salads required.
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Americans these days live longer, but many health studies show that, for many people, their quality of life isn’t keeping up the same pace. But, before you get too depressed and throw out all the junk food in the house, you should know that boosting your quality of life and overall health can be easy to accomplish! Living near a lake offers you many health benefits that don’t have a thing to do with eating salad. 

Today we’re sharing how you can reap those benefits with a simple address change. Here’s how moving to a lakefront community like Tennessee National can make you healthier - and happier. 

1. You’ll have fresher air. 

Clean Air

Many cities are heavily populated and often polluted, which lowers air quality. But lakeside communities, especially those in East Tennessee surrounded by trees, lush foliage, and a lot of plant life, provide you with fresher air. This helps you breathe easier and deeper and reduces allergy symptoms caused by poor air quality. 

Fresh air also helps lower your blood pressure, gives you more energy and focus due to increased oxygen levels in your blood, and can even aid in digestion - all things that improve your physical and mental health. 

2. You’ll sleep sounder. 

Lack of quality sleep can have a big impact on your health, weight, stress levels, and even your productivity. Better breathing can help you rest easier and suffer from fewer pollutant allergies. 

Also, how many times a night is your sleep interrupted due to cars and street noise? Choosing to live in a place like Tennessee National offers you a life outside a city in a private gated community with little to no noise pollution.  

How does sleeping surrounded by nature sound? If listening to gentle lake waves, the wind blowing through trees, or songbirds seems like the perfect sleep soundtrack, you can find all of those in a lake community like ours. Tennessee National, for example, offers homes and homesites in one of seven distinct areas, each with unique natural environments and views, including views of the lake, woods, golf, and more. 

3. You’ll have easy access to gorgeous walking paths.

Walk in nature

It’s no fun walking on the sidewalk or street when you live in a crowded neighborhood. But many families don’t have time to drive to a trail or state park so they forgo walking or don’t get to do it often. But walking in nature, taking in the fresh air, and getting your blood flowing is a great way to lower your blood pressure, lose weight, and combat stress. 

Our miles of walking trails and paths throughout Tennessee National are a large part of what makes the community magical. Lakeside trails, field walks, golf paths, and wooded hikes offer residents a variety of options that never get boring, regardless of skill level. Plus, each season, you’re offered a brand new landscape with changing colors and foliage to admire. This means you’ll be excited to get up and get moving all year long. 

4. Spend more quality time with family.

Family walks and hikes are a great way to spend quality time together without succumbing to the pull of electronics. Living so close to nature’s beauty offers you a perfect backdrop to carve out more time to spend with your family. In addition to the many walking trails, onsite restaurants, a community pool, an onsite marina, and a private community golf course offer endless opportunities to make a lifetime’s worth of memories. 

5. Water is calming.

Calm by the lake

Have you ever driven out to the beach or to the lake and immediately noticed yourself smiling and relaxing? It turns out that there’s actually a biological reason for that. Spending time in and around the water, or even just listening to or looking out over the lake releases relaxation-inducing neurochemicals in your brain. 

Spend time relaxing with coffee or a glass of wine gazing upon the lake, or pursue additional hobbies that encourage you to unwind like boat cruising or fishing and you’ll be stress-free in no time.


6. You can take up water sports!

Sure relaxation is great, but sometimes you might want to get your blood pumping! Tennessee bodies of water like Watts Bar Lake and the Tennessee River, where Tennesee National is located, offer terrific opportunities for you to take up water sports. In addition to boating and fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing, wakeboarding, and skiing are all great activities for lake lovers, and keep you fit and active. And, if you live on the lake, you can have all your equipment at the ready at your private boat slip so you can spend your lake time without the hassle of having to load up and commute. 

7. Your home office will have better views. 

With so many Americans working from home now, having a scenic view out of your home office is more important than ever to keeping stress at bay. Trade-in your cubicle for an office with an awe-inspiring view and reap the lake life benefits even while you’re working for the weekend. 

8. Live where you love.

If the first seven health benefits aren’t enough, then think about where you and your family are happiest. If you love being in nature, spending time together at the lake, and just cherishing all the little moments together, then you should consider living where you love and continuously improving your family’s quality of life.  

Lake living gives you more time and opportunity to focus on what matters most. We can help. Schedule a tour of Tennessee National today.